Monday, December 27, 2010

Day Ten - They Meet, Really...

Got a lot of snow yesterday and more today
so working from home was necessary.

Seemed like the perfect day to let Lucy and Archie finally meet.
It went smoothly. Poor Archie was not prepared to be tailed all day.
No major hissing just a lot of running around, mostly Lucy.
She is very kitten like.

Archie before Lucy is let out.

She's out!

Nice window sill.

And toys!

This must be that door she keeps saying I can never go out.


The beginning of a long day for Archie.


Everybody happy?

Maybe not everyone was happy.

Lucy was exhausted.

Nice sweater!

1 comment:

  1. Oh so many things to say! She looks so small! And Archie is like WTF! And she sleeps in her little bed! How cute!!! I'm yelling all of this, can't you tell!??? :)