Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tuesday Will Be One Month!

Lucy is so sweet. As long as you over look the fact that she pushes things off of the counter. 3:30 the other morning I awaken to the sound of breaking glass. She pushed a wine glass off the counter. We are still working on the counter issue.
As for she and Archie they have the good moments, usually when the are both sleeping! But they do seem to tolerate each other a little better... still need work on that too.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day Sixteen

First off I will not be posting every day... 
time does not allow that so this is an update from the past week. 

Where to start...
4am or was it 3am. 
Anyway that is when the wrestling begins. 
Lucy is just trying to find her place and unfortunately 
Archie outweighs her by about 6 pounds. 
For the most part they get along fine... when they are sleeping. 
There has been a kiss here and there but territory needs to be claimed.
Let the fight begin!
Lucy likes when I work from home!
They work together to get to Lucy's dry food...
Like two best friends!