Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day One

7:00 AM.
Archie knows something is up.
"Why is she cleaning that room that the litter box was in when Kramer was around.
Is that a litter box she's putting in there?
We only need the one box downstairs.
Unless this Lucy they keep talking about is another CAT!"

11:30 AM.
We pick up Lucy at the Forgotten Felines house.
She is sound asleep. She meowed twice as we drove home.

She is very sweet. First thing she checks out... the shoes in the closet.
She and I bond immediately!

She noses around the room and checks out the views from the two window perches.
Chris sits down in the chair and she jumped right into his lap!

She rammed me a number of times and the purring began.

We decide to switch to a vet closer to our home. We find one that has Sunday hours! Tomorrow morning is her first adventure with us. Just want to be sure everything is good with her.

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  1. Awww, headbutts from a new kittie. How sweet is that! She feels totally safe with you guys, it's obvious. Hope she feels better soon. Sorry Archie, but she's permanent!